macProVideo Releases Aperture Tutorial Video

macProVideo announced on Thursday the immediate availability of their video tutorial, "Aperture 101: Mastering Aperture."

The video is a comprehensive, 4.5 hour exploration of image restoration and creative editing techniques in Appleis premier image editing program, Aperture.

The video was produced by professional photographers Justin Masse and Alexandria Markowsky. It features 179 segments in the 270 minute video that detail how to organize and sort images in Aperture, work with color and contrast to bring out image detail, fix problems with hue and color casts, edit with the RAW image format and more.

The video is viewed with macProVideois custom player which requires an Internet connection. However, according to macProVideo, "all downloaded tutorials remain on the user?s computer and can be viewed at any time, even if the computer is removed from an Internet connection."

"Mastering Aperture" requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later and QuickTime 7 or later. It is priced at US$39.50.