Mac App Store: Twitter Releases Mac Client (Tweetie 2)

Twitter has released its own Mac client for the first time, an app that many users think of as being Tweetie 2, as the original developer of Tweetie now works at the social networking company. The app offers an interface that users of the company’s iOS app will be familiar with, but one that’s built for keyboard and mouse interaction. It was released through Apple’s new Mac App Store.

The app uses a single window interface, with panes sliding out as needed. The app supports multiple accounts, Twitter Lists, and gives users access to editing their profile. In the screenshot below, there are three accounts set up (this @TMOBryan, @MacObserver, and @MacObserverLive), with the active account and tab (for lack of a better term) highlighted in blue by the app.

Twitter for Mac is free, and available through the Mac App Store, which requires Mac OS X 10.6.6.

Twitter for Mac Screenshot

Twitter for Mac