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The Mac Barcode Company announced the immediate availability of Barcode Express 1.0 for Mac OS X on Thursday. The application builds barcodes in several different format and exports them as graphics for use on products.

Barcode Express for the Mac

Barcode Express supports UPC A and E, ISBN, EAN, GS1-128 and several other barcode formats, includes a preview that updates as you enter barcode numbers, and exports barcodes as EPS, TIFF, PNG or JPEG.

Barcode Express 1.0 is priced at US$99 and is available for download at the Mac Barcode Company Web site.



$99 for something as simple as creating a barcode, ouch!

Doug Grinbergs

Curious that the app creation and mod dates are both Oct. 5 - four months ago.

john roberts

Bar code printing is not simple.  The GS1 standard (UPC, GS1 128, GS1-DataBar GS1 DataMatrix calls for a a ISO grade C or above for barcode, which involves x dimension, edge reflectance etc.

Most retailers grocers distributors and now hospitals require in their contracts that their suppliers follow the GS1 standard in their barcodes.  If the barcodes do not scan at checkout or bedside then a not so friendly conversation occurrs between the supplier and the user about breach of contract and consideration.


i have not tried this one, but before this i used another resource about barcode generator tool to create qr code, ean barcode, upc-a,upc-e,isbn barcode etc

Rob Stott

I agree with prl53 above about it being way over priced. There are a number of much more competitively priced products, including my very own Barcode Basics for under $10. Shop around, folks!

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