Mac Box Set Includes iLife ‘09, iWork ‘09, Leopard

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Recognizing that iWork '09 and iLife '09 require Mac OS X version 10.5 Leopard, but not all Mac owners have upgraded to the new operating system yet, Apple Vice-President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller on Tuesday introduced Mac Box Set, which includes the latest versions of the iWork '09 and iLife '09 software suites, along with the Leopard upgrade. The collection sells for US$169, or $229 for a five-license family pack.




iWork 09 does not require Leopard. Check the system requirements at


Why not a box set that does NOT include Leopard. Leopard has been out since October of 2007. In that time they’ve sold a bunch of Macs and Leopard updates. These customers have Leopard but would like to upgrade both iLife and iWork.

Yes I know, they get to decide what they bundle, but since they are only giving folks a discount if they purchase all 3, I look at it as getting Leopard for $11. Apple seems willing to discount Leopard heavily. Does this mean that they really want people off of Tiger if they can help it? After all, only the high end G4 and G5 macs can run Leopard (according to Apple.) I wonder if there are lots of folks that skipped Leopard?

Anyway, I want my Leopard free box set! smile

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