Mac Game Based on Shutter Island Movie Arrives on Friday announced the release of a casual hidden objects game based on the upcoming film Shutter Island. Players assume the role of a US marshal trying to locate patients who have escaped from Ashecliffe, a mental hospital for the criminally insane located on an island off the Massachusetts coast, during a hurricane.

Like the movie, the game is set during the 1950s. It consists of seven levels and 20 environments, with a variety of mini-games that let players interact with characters from the movie. Pricing is US$19.95 and an Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X version 10.4.11 is required. A demo is available.

Shutter Island is a Martin Scorcese film due to be released Feb. 19. Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Rufalo star as US marshals looking into the disappearance of a patient from Ashecliffe, only to find themselves trapped on the island by a hurricane and an inmate riot.