Mac Game News: Civ III Complete at GameAgent, Bob Came in Pieces Arrives

Aspyr Media on Wednesday released Civilization III: Complete for Mac at its GameAgent digital download site, while Ludosity Interactive announced the release of the physics-based puzzle adventure game Bob Came in Pieces for Mac.

Civilization III: Complete bundles the original turn-based strategy game with its Play the World and Conquests expansion packs, featuring multiple ways to win, 31 world leaders to choose from, and more. Play the World adds an online multiplayer component. Pricing is US$39.99 and PowerPC and Intel Macs are supported.

Bob Came in Pieces stars an alien named Bob who crashes on a strange planet and loses the parts he needs to fix his ship. Not only that, but he’s late for work too. Over 14 levels of gameplay, players must find the lost parts and tools needed to fix the ship and solve puzzles. Achievements and leader boards are included.