Mac Gaming Roundup: Peggle Nights Ships; Braid, Where's Waldo? Coming

PopCap Games on Wednesday released its action puzzle game Peggle Nights for the Mac. Meanwhile, Hothead announced that Jonathan Blow's Xbox Live Arcade platformer Braid is headed for the OS, while Ludia said that it will bring the venerable children's property Where's Waldo to Mac, PC, and other platforms later this year.

Peggle Nights, the second installment in the Peggle series, features 60 Adventure mode levels, 60 new Challenge mode hurdles, a new Peggle Master power-up, and new kinds of style shots and achievements. The game brings back the 11 Peggle Masters for a journey into each of their dream worlds. Next month, PopCap will release a free 10-level bonus level pack, Spring.


As this article was published, PopCap's site did not yet reflect the availability of the Mac version of the game.

Braid challenges players to manipulate time to solve puzzles. The art is rendered in a painterly style. Hothead did not release any information about the game's ship date, system requirements, nor price.

Little was also said about Ludia's Where's Waldo? game, except the title -- Where's Waldo?: The Fantastic Journey -- and the fact that it will feature competitive and cooperative gameplay for up to four players. It's expected to "launch across several major platforms later this year," according to the publisher's press release. The company said that consoles, PC/Mac, iPhone, and iPod touch are part of its plans.