Mac Gaming Shines With Release of ‘The Witcher’

While Mac users have long been left in the cold when it comes to tier one games, the situation seems to be improving in recent years. The Mac App Store, launched in early 2011, has resulted in many recent games making their way to OS X, such as the Grand Theft Auto series and BioShock, while the launch of Steam for Mac brought even more titles such asCivilization V and Portal.

Even better, future games such as the massively-anticipated Diablo III will debut on the Mac, and current Windows-only titles such as The Old Republic are being “looked at” for release.

The Witcher for Mac OS X

The Witcher’s graphics still look great despite being an older title.

Fans of role-playing games received even more good news yesterday, as Polish game company CD Projekt RED announced the availability of its highly-rated title The Witcher for OS X. As described by Steam’s product page:

The RPG of the Year is back - in a Premium Edition packed with powerful extras! Assume the role of The Witcher, Geralt, a legendary monster slayer caught in a web of intrigue as he battles forces vying for control of the world! Make difficult decisions and live with the consequences in a game that will immerse you in an extraordinary tale like no other!  

Although released on PC nearly five years ago, the game’s graphics still hold up nicely today and the story, based on author Andrzej Sapkowski’s medieval fantasy world, is fantastic. 

A sequel, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, was released last year for Windows and an Xbox 360 version is launching later this month. There’s no news yet on if or when the sequel will be available for Mac, but yesterday’s announcement gives Apple users hope (and, believe me, after playing the first one, you’ll be clamoring for the second).

The Witcher for Mac OS X

The Witcher’s moral choice system is far more complex, and far less black and white, than recent games like Mass Effect.

Available for purchase on Steam, The Witcher is part of Valve’s “SteamPlay” program, meaning that customers who purchased the game for Windows get the Mac version for free while new Mac customers get the Windows version as well. Early reports indicate that the game runs very well, even on Macs with integrated GPUs, such as the MacBook Air.

The game contains action and sexual sequences, so definitely be sure to heed the “mature” rating, but if you’re looking for a great fantasy role-playing game on your Mac, don’t hesitate to check out The Witcher.

The launch of The Witcher is merely the latest in a series of developments to bring quality gaming back to the Mac. With new games being made available every month via Steam and the Mac App Store, and millions of new Mac owners every year, the future is bright for Mac gaming.