Mac Geek Gab #200 LIVE Tonight at 9:00pm EDT

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Tonight marks our Mac Geek Gab Podcast's two-hundredth episode. To celebrate John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton will be taking your questions live while they record the show. In order to call in and participate, you'll need to use TalkShoe's service. We've already set up Mac Geek Gab #200 at TalkShoe and it should go live sometime around 8:45pm EDT tonight, Monday, April 27th. You can either use the TalkShoe service right in your Web browser or, even better, use their TalkShoe ShoePhone Application for an even better experience. In order to use the app, you'll need a free TalkShoe account, which you can create online now when you go download the app.

Come and celebrate with us! We look forward to seeing -- and chatting with -- you online tonight!



Hello All,

I wish the MacGeek Gab an awesome 200th podcast anniversary! Wow, you guys are getting old but like good wine you get better with age.

You guys are extraordinary. Thanks so much for the dedication you have to the mac community. you guys are great fun and always have something significant to share with the community.

Probably one of the best podcasts out there for mac users everywhere.

You rock and remember ? dont’ get caught!

Kindest Regards
Alex Santos

Dave Hamilton

Thanks, Alex!  You’re too kind.

We’re very much looking forward to the show this evening.  Let’s hope we don’t get caught by technology! wink

Dave's Dad

That was fantastic!!  I didn’t realize that on Easter Sunday I was standing in the same room as “The Guy Behind The Scenes Who Makes It All Happen”!  Great job, Pete!!

And congratulations to John and Dave for keeping the Geek Gab going for 4 years.  Wishing you another 40!

- Dave’s Dad

Dave Hamilton

Thanks, Dad! wink

I think, on Easter Sunday, even Pilot Pete didn’t know he was going to be the one behind the scenes making it all happen.  Last night was trial by fire for all of us (listeners included!) and I think it went very well.  Pending feedback from the MP3/AAC listening crowd, I think we’ll make a semi-irregular live show part of the rotation.

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