Mac Geek Gab #200 LIVE Tonight at 9:00pm EDT

Tonight marks our Mac Geek Gab Podcast's two-hundredth episode. To celebrate John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton will be taking your questions live while they record the show. In order to call in and participate, you'll need to use TalkShoe's service. We've already set up Mac Geek Gab #200 at TalkShoe and it should go live sometime around 8:45pm EDT tonight, Monday, April 27th. You can either use the TalkShoe service right in your Web browser or, even better, use their TalkShoe ShoePhone Application for an even better experience. In order to use the app, you'll need a free TalkShoe account, which you can create online now when you go download the app.

Come and celebrate with us! We look forward to seeing -- and chatting with -- you online tonight!