Mac, iPhone Developers Team Up for Haiti Relief Fund Raiser

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A long list of Mac and iPhone application developers have teamed up through the Indie+Relief Web site to help raise funds for assistance in Haiti following the earthquake that devastated the country. All proceeds from the special one-day event on January 20 will go to organizations that are offering relief efforts in the country.

Haiti was struck by a 7.0-magnitude earthquake on January 12, causing extensive damage around the Port-au-Prince area. To date, over 70,000 victim's bodies have been recovered and estimates for the death toll are around 200,000.

The Indie+Relief Web site.

The groups the developers are donating to include Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross, UNICEF, Partners in Health, DEC Haiti Earthquake Appeal, Non-Believers Giving Aid, Save the Children, CECI, AmeriCares, Oxfam, and more.

The list of developers generously offering up money to help Haiti is amazingly long. Here's just a sampling of the companies involved in the Indie+Relief effort:

  • Acorn
  • Open Reel Software
  • Marketcircle
  • System of Touch
  • CoLocalization Research Software
  • rocket
  • St. Clair Software
  • Delicious Monster
  • Fetch Softworks
  • App Cubby
  • Houdah Software
  • Instapaper
  • Outer Level
  • Red Sweater Software
  • SmileOnMyMac
  • Zykloid Software
  • Regular Rate and Rhythm
  • Karelia Software
  • Dejal
  • TheCodingMonkeys
  • Cultured Code
  • Second Gear
  • atebits
  • Big Store Phone
  • the iconfactory
  • FutureTap

For Mac and iPhone users that don't want to buy any applications but still want to donate to the Haitian relief efforts, Indie+Relief is offering links to the Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross and UNICEF Web sites.

Indie+Relief runs on January 20 only, so be sure to visit the group's Web site today.

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