Mac OS X Search Tool Leap 2.0 Adds Support for OpenMeta, More

Ironic Software announced the release of Leap 2.0 on Tuesday. Leap 2.0 is a Leopard only OS X search visualization software utility. Unlike many other search and browsing systems, Leap can be quickly narrowed down by location, file type, or tag.

Leap 2.0 also fully integrates the new 'OpenMeta' meta data standard which allows tags and ratings to be applied to any file without actually changing the contents of the file. These tags and ratings can also be searched not only be Leap and other Ironic products, but by Apple's Spotlight, and other metadata searching tools.

A full version of Leap 2.0 is available for US$59.00 from the Ironic Online Store.

Leap 2.0 Screen Shot