Mac Pro Gets 3.33GHz Quad Core BTO Option

Apple added an option to include a 3.33GHz quad core Intel Xeon processor in the Mac Pro on Friday. Along with the option for the faster processor, Apple also added the ability to include 2TB hard drives in its Mac Pro build-to-order options.

The 3.33GHz upgrade is available only for Apple's quad core Mac Pro models, but the 2TB hard drive option is available for both the quad core and 8-core models.

Prices for the upgrades, however, aren't cheap. Moving up to the 3.33GHz quad core processor from the 2.66GHz version will cost an extra US$1,200, and a 2TB hard drive costs $550. With a full load of 2TB hard drives, the Mac Pro can come delivered with 8TB of internal storage.

The new build-to-order options are likely a move to keep professional users interested in the Mac Pro until updated models are released. Apple's pro-level Mac was last updated in spring 2009, and the recently released 27-inch iMac with Intel's i7 processer can outperform the Mac Pro at a lower price, too.

[Thanks to Mac Rumors for the heads up.]