Mac Users Correct Auction House on Gene Roddenberry's Mac 128K/Plus

Mac users are ever-vigilant, and were quick to point out that Profiles in History had its facts mixed up when it came to Gene Roddenberry's Mac the auction house will be auctioning in October, and the firm issued a correction on Friday to get the details right.

Profiles in History promoted the auction in a press release sent to Mac sites, and The Mac Observer and other publications promoted the auction in our news coverage. The announcement was for the first Mac Plus ever made with a serial number of 0001 that was given to Mr. Roddenberry by Apple.

Our readers and other Mac fans were quick to find issue with some of the details -- for instance the fact that the photograph of the unit was of a Mac 128K, not a Mac Plus. TMO member OldGuy was first to point out it was a Mac 128K, adding that the Mac Plus came with a long keyboard, not the short keyboard in the photo below.

iVoid, mac512e, RGKahn, and others followed suit, noting that the serial number in question - F4200NUM0001 - belongs to a Mac 128K.

We should note that we (as in this particular TMO reporter) didn't catch any of these details, and covered the news as it was sent to us. Profiles in History, however, was quick to respond to the confusion and questions with a corrected press release that acknowledges the Mac is a 128K model that was upgraded to Mac Plus specs by Apple at Mr. Roddenberry's later request.

In addition, the serial number does not actually indicate that it was the first of any line.

"The conflict between the photo and the serial number is as follows," Profiles in History said in a statement. "This computer, given by Apple to Mr. Roddenberry, is an early production Macintosh 128 (#776), which was then upgraded by Apple for Gene to a Macintosh Plus-thus the model number / serial number / panel that 'belongs to' a Macintosh Plus. The 0001 led us to mistakenly believe that it was the first one off the line."

The firm stressed, however, that it was owned by Gene Roddenberry.

You can find the listing - Lot #626 - at the company's Web site for Featured Auction #37, which will be held October 8-9, 2009.

In the meanwhile, kudos to the Mac community for quickly helping establish the facts on this Mac.

The Mac 128K being auctioned
(Photo courtesy of Profiles in History)