MacBook Pro Rumor Roundup

Apple’s shipping delay for new MacBook Pros from its online store is being held up as proof that the company will be releasing updated models as early as Tuesday. As is the case with unannounced Apple products, there are plenty of rumors about what the next MacBook Pro refresh will include.

Rumors claim new MacBook Pros are coming soon

Mystery Retail Shipments

A rumor from AppleInsider claimed retailers can expect to see product deliveries on wrapped and sealed palettes with strict instructions to leave shipments alone.

According to unnamed sources, European retailers may be receiving the mystery deliveries as early as Monday. Those same sources claim many resellers haven’t been able to order new laptop inventory for at least two weeks, which is often interpreted as an indicator of a pending product refresh.

Light Peak

Light Peak is a technology Intel has been developing that could replace USB and FireWire connections on computers, and CNET’s anonymous sources claim it could appear on the next MacBook Pro. The high speed Light Peak interface uses a single connector that supports multiple devices simultaneously, and can handle current USB and FireWire devices with adapters.

The Light Peak implementation in the new MacBook Pro models will run over copper instead of fiber optics, and most likely will include an Apple-branded name instead of “Light Peak.”

Best Buy New Product SKUs

It seems new Apple product release rumors always include word that Best Buy has updated its internal product database with mystery entries. Engadget has that base covered with its report that the big box retailer has new SKUs for Apple laptops listed as coming soon.

The company’s database apparently has place holder entries for US$1,199, $1,499, $1,799 and $2,199 laptops, along with a $2,499 laptop dubbed “New SKU I.” The price points fit with Apple’s 13- 15- and 17-inch laptops, but there isn’t any additional information to help flesh out what features Best Buy’s laptop entries may include.

Ship Dates: This Week, Or Not claims its sources say new MacBook Pro models will be available this Thursday, which also happens to be Apple CEO Steve Jobs’s birthday. CrunchGear, however, offers up a New Zealand retailer claiming Apple’s laptop update isn’t happening until March.

“We have received notice that it is very likely that new MacBook models will be announced in the next 20-25 days,” the retailer told customers in an email. “If you are thinking of purchasing any Apple laptops in the next few weeks, we would recommend you place your order on hold, but also advise us of your plans so we can place you on our wait list.”

The growing number of MacBook Pro refresh rumors doesn’t necessarily mean an update really is coming in the next few days. The fact that it’s been over half a year since the last major update, however, does make the likelihood of a refresh soon fairly likely.

Until Apple officially announces new laptops, all of the rumors surrounding their pending release should be taken with an appropriate dose of salt.