MacBook Pro Ship Dates Delayed

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Apple MacBook Pro lineup slipped from shipping in 24 hours out to three to five days from the company’s online store Sunday night. Apple’s pro-level laptop line is considered due for a refresh, and the rumor mill is considering this delay proof positive that the company is about to roll out new machines.

MacBook Pro sees shipping delays

The MacBook Pro product line hasn’t been updated for about ten months, leading to Internet speculation that the current shipping delay could be a hint that updates will be available as early as Tuesday.

As usual, new models are expected to be available in 13- 15- and 17-inch configurations with faster processors and longer battery life. Rumors also suggest Apple may introduce Intel’s new Light Peak peripheral connector with the laptops, too.

Apple hasn’t confirmed it is ready to ship new laptops, and as a policy doesn’t comment on rumors and speculation.

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Lee Dronick

Was there recently a story about the release date being March 1st?

Lee Dronick

The new MacBook Pro is amazing!? Gizmodo just released a video review, as they have got their hands an a pre-release version:

Then why didn’t you link to Gizmodo?

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