MacBooks Top Consumer Reports List


Consumer Reports put several brand name laptops through the wringer and Apple's laptop lineup came out with top marks. The MacBook rated higher than any other laptop in the 13-inch category, and the MacBook Pro ranked first in the 14 to 16-inch and 17-inch categories.

The laptops were rated on design, performance, versatility, battery life and screen quality.

The 15-inch MacBook Pro earned 75 out of 100 points, and the Toshiba Satellite came is second at 64 points -- a full 11 points behind the Mac. Consumers Reports also surveyed computer users on customer service experiences, and Apple beat all of the competition there, too.

Apple's desktop computers didn't fare quite as well, but they still performed respectably. The iMac came in second behind Dell's XPSA One, and the Mac mini earned a second place slot behind the HP Pavillion Slimline.

Apple products seem to be performing well in other surveys, too. The company's iPhone 3G ranked higher in a recent JD Power survey on customer satisfaction, beating out products from RIM, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola and more.

[Thanks to the New York Times Gadgetwise blog for the heads up.]