Macgamestore to Bring Ubisoft’s Settlers 7 to Mac Next Week


Macgamestore has announced that next week it will release the Mac version of Ubisoft’s strategy game Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom. Players build a kingdom full of towns, villages, and production settlers, making critical decisions about how to best expand their realm while taking on ruthless kings, forbidding lords, and dark knights.

Settlers 7 also features a storyline that unfolds as players take on quests across the land, turning enemies into allies and uncovering traitors along the way. As their kingdom grows, players can build armies and research technologies, using trade routes to build their coffers. Similar to the Civilization series, Settlers 7 lets players win through more than military might: they can aspire to occupy the most trade routes, become the richest kingdom, and more.

Game sessions can cover extended campaigns or quick matches against computer-controlled or human opponents, with a team mode available. Players can also create their own castles and use the included Facebook and Twitter integration to brag about achievements, post screenshots, and invite friends to play.

Settlers 7 will ship March 23. Anyone who pre-orders it from Macgamestore will receive a free copy of CSI: Hard Evidence. Pricing is US$49.95. An Intel Mac is required.