MacHeist Offers Free Apps with Mac Giving Tree

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MacHeist's Mac Giving Tree holiday promotion is under way, and the group is offering free applications to anyone that signs up. So far, Pangea's Enigmo 2 puzzle game and the iTunes enhancement app Synergy from Wincent are available for free, and MacHeist plans to offer up to four additional free applications on December 25.

The Mac Giving Tree promotion has also added free iPhone and iPod touch applications for U.S. site visitors. The promotional event will run through December 25, and users can sign up at the Mac Giving Tree Web site for free.

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Barry Keaveney

Get info on “tree.” ?? and all the other distracting advertising landmines…

meanwhile…where’s the promoted free apps or a link to that instead of a link to “trees.”


Try clicking the words “web site” at the end of the last sentence.

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