mac:method Updates AACelerator With iTunes 4 Support

mac:method has released an update for AACelerator, bringing it to version 1.01. AACelerator is a a utility designed for encoding audio files into the MPEG-4 format. The update adds iTunes 4 support and expanded iPod playability. According to mac:method:

mac:method is pleased to announce an updated version of AACelerator, the fastest and easiest way to encode MPEG-4 audio for Mac OS X.

This update supports iTunes 4 and AAC playback for iPods. An easy to use AppleScript dropplet allows conversion of existing libraries of MPEG-4 audio content for use with iTunes 4 and for playback on iPods with software update 1.3 installed.

You can find more information about the AACelerator update at the mac:method Web site. AACelerator is available for US$15.00.