MacPractice Introduces MacPractice Endo for Endodontists

MacPractice, Inc. is introducing MacPractice Endo at the American Academy of Endodontists’ Annual Session in Orlando, FL this week. MacPractice Endo is a specialized version of the MacPractice practice management software for Endodontists.

MacPractice Endo includes specialized, customizable, clinical data-entry forms for use in MacPractice EDR (Electronic Dental Record). Forms that are suitable for being sent to referring dentists are also included with placeholders for digital x-ray images. A narrative report may be automatically generated from the completed EDR form, and the narrative may also be merged into a letter template addressed to the referring dentist in MacPractice Note.

MacPractice Endo integrates with MacPractice DR (Digital Radiography/Photo) to capture digital x-rays and incorporate them into Endo Notes templates and clinical forms in the Electronic Dental Record. MacPractice also supports bridges to many PC digital radiography solutions, which may be operated on a Mac in Windows in a Virtual Machine.

MacPractice Endo is available through the company’s Web site.

MacPractice Sample Screen