Releases Logic’s Guitar Recording Toolbox Tutorial

The folks at have released a new video tutorial aimed at Guitarists and those recording guitar in Apple’s Logic Pro. Hosted by guitarist and composer Toby Pitman, Logic 402: Logic’s Guitar Recording Toolbox is the first tutorial from aimed at guitarists.

The tutorial covers some broad aspects of recording with Logic, such as an explanation of the differences between a single coil and humbucker pickups, and a discussion how to manage a proper noise to signal ratio when recording your guitar. Most of it, however, focuses on how to get the most out of Amp Designer and Pedalboard, Apple’s amp and effects modelling solution included in Logic Studio.

For instance, there are sections on the difference between each of the amp types included in Amp Designer, what they are modeled after, and how to use each of them to get particular sounds. Similarly, he goes over each of the pedals in Pedalboard, explaining what they do, and for most of them he tells us what they’re based on.

There are also extensive sections on mixing, virtual microphone techniques (that also have relevance to recording amps in an analog fashion), and a section on using Amp Designer and Pedalboard to process midi and analog drum tracks.

“Toby explores every detail of the virtual amps, explaining their design, EQ, circuitry and history while simultaneously performing first class style-based examples on several of his collectable guitars,” the company said in its description. “He teaches us how and why his guitars sound the way they do. Then Toby dives deep into the stomp boxes exploring their functionality and demonstrating routing techniques that best show-off the sonic power of Pedalboard.”

You can subscribe to for US$25 a month and get streaming access to all of the company’s training videos. That includes 44 different audio and video applications, including Logic, GarageBand, Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro, Ableton Live, Reason, MainStage, Melodyne (and the not at all music or videoreated iWork). The most popular applications have multiple videos covering broad and detailed aspects of using the software.

You can also purchase HD versions of any particular video that you can download and keep. Logic 402: Logic’s Guitar Recording Toolbox is priced at $39.95, and there’s currently a sell for 25% off the video downloads. Screenshot

Toby Pitman demonstrating pedal management in Pedalboard