MacTech Announces MacTech Pro Event Series

MacTech, publisher of MacTech Magazine and organizer of MacTech Boot Camp and MacTech Conference, has announced a new series of events called MacTech Pro. These events have a focus on support staff such as IT professionals and consultants who spend their time building and maintaining Mac OS and iOS environments.

MacTech Pro is coming to a city near youMacTech Pro is coming to a city near you

For this first year, there are events in nine cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC. Registration at full price is US$499, but pre-registration knocks $100 off, and if you are an Early Bird, you get a $200 off worm, bringing the price for a full day event (including lunch) at just $299. Since this is an introductory event this year, there's even an extra $50 off through January 26 which makes it $249 for a day full of information and opportunities to chat with other Mac and iOS types over lunch. Did I forget to mention lunch? There's lunch. And it's pretty great too.

"When we plan and design events, we look at what people currently need to know to be the best Apple techs they can be.  What makes MacTech Pro so exciting is that, really for the first time anywhere, we've designed an event specifically for the professional Apple tech.  At every level, MacTech Pro is designed with that in mind," said Neil Ticktin, Editor-in-Chief/Publisher of MacTech Magazine, and host of MacTech Events.

First up is Seattle on March 4, then San Francisco on March 25th and Boston on April 15.

Topics for 2015 include new Apple ID requirements, understanding iCloud Drive and Time Machine, and managing the administrivia of being a tech, either in an organization or out on your own. You can also choose to participate in the Microsoft Office Certification Program, which takes place the day before each event. If you work with Office products frequently this is a great way to keep up on features and add a nice certification to your list.

I've been to a number of MacTech events, and they're always worthwhile whether it's learning something new or meeting someone new. A MacTech event is always full of useful information and friendly people. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend it.