MacTech Conference Discounts Good Through Sunday ... With a Disney Surprise?

MacTech Conference has quickly become one of my favorite new conferences (or new favorite conferences... or both!). It's small (which is something I'm finding I really like), you can really get to know everyone, you eat most/all meals together, and it really is all about community and learning simultaneously.

Now in its 5th year, MacTech Conference has built up a bit of a name, not only for the aforementioned aspects (especially the learning), but also for its evening activities. With a private backlot tour of Universal Studios, a trip to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor and the much-discussed (and sad that I missed!) visit to Walt Disney Animation Studios, the Wednesday evening activity at MacTech Conference is always a highlight for attendees.

MacTech Isn't Telling, But There's a Good Hint Here at the Wednesday Evening Activity

While MacTech isn't quite ready to tell us exactly what this year's special event is, this picture they sent along today might give us some idea, especially when couched amongst the conference's history.

If you register before the end of day on Sunday, June 15th (yes, this Sunday), you'll save $600 off the price of admission, making your ticket for all three days just $899. That includes breakfasts, lunches, dinners, breaks, activities, and sessions. If you've never been, go. It's a blast and an educational opportunity.