MacUpdate Desktop Updated to 5.0.1 with New Features, Bug Fixes

MacUpdate announced Monday the release of MacUpdate Desktop 5.0.1, an update to the company's third party software update application. The new version includes new features and bug fixes.

MacUpdate Desktop acts as an interface for the company's database of more than 30,000 Mac apps and your Mac. It monitors your installed apps and lets you know when there's an update to the third party apps on your drive.

The release notes for the update:

  • Fixed bug causing no apps to be found on some systems
  • Current selection is not lost when an update completes
  • Expanded files are automatically cleaned up
  • Improved version matching
  • Downloads are now saved to Downloads/MacUpdate Desktop by default
  • Added option to limit concurrent updates in download queue
  • Added option to Updates Menu to download only, independent of download and install preference
  • Download All now includes apps that require 3rd party updaters like MS and Adobe
  • Additional Keyboard shortcuts (Command-F and Command-I)
  • Added file size column to listings
  • Added Requirements to app version information display
  • Added Editor's notes (paid updates, alternate links, etc) to app version information display
  • Bugfix - last scan date display
  • Bugfix - UI when loading Community listings
  • Bugfix - Community listings showing older applications
  • Change to network connectivity checking
  • Alert user to enable spotlight if it is disabled
  • Applications with no local version number can now be "Set to current"
  • Updated Help
  • Other UI changes
  • Other bug fixes

The update requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later, and is free to registered users of MacUpdate Desktop 5.0. The update patch is a 1.9MB download.