MacUpdate Rolls Out Redesigned MacUpdate Desktop 5

MacUpdate announced the immediate availability of MacUpdate 5.0 on Thursday. The new version of the application update tracker is completely rewritten and offers beefed up Leopard and Snow Leopard support.

Version 5 can scan for updates for more than 30,000 applications, can download and install application updates with one click, confirms that updates were successfully installed, archives previous application versions, lets users organize applications for update monitoring, and more.

"The most useful part of MacUpdate Desktop, beyond simply finding a lot of items you never realized were out of date, is the ability to update them all so easily -- forget having to visit a Web site, download a dmg, mount it, run an installer, exit the installer, unmount the disk image... in most cases we do all that for you with just one click," Misha Sakellaropoulo, MacUpdate's COO, told The Mac Observer.

MacUpdate Desktop can scan for updates for applications, Preference Panes, widgets and Screen Savers.

MacUpdate Desktop 5.0 requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher, and is available for download at the MacDesktop Web site. It requires a US$20 a year fee, and a ten day free trial is available, too.