Macworld|iWorld 2012 Claims 25,000 Attendees, Announces 2013 Schedule

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IDG World Expo announced on Tuesday that some 25,000 people attended Macworld | iWorld 2012. The firm said that 40 percent of those attendees were new to Macworld | iWorld, which used to be called Macworld Conference & Expo. Speaking of the conference side of the show, IDG also said that conference attendance, which is now called “Tech Talks,” rose by an impressive 145 percent.

The dates for Macworld | iWorld 2013 were also set. IDG said that it will take place from January 31st through February 2nd, 2013, and it will once again take place in Moscone West.

Some of that increase is due to the creation of the “iFan Pass,” a US$75 ticket that gives attendees full access to educational sessions, the show floor, and live music performances and film screenings. At the high end, a Super Pass for Macworld Expo 2011 was priced at $725.

The Mac Observer has written extensively about changes to the show’s format, content, and ambience, but the bottom line is that this year’s attendance was in line with attendance at last year’s event, even though Apple pulled out of the show more than three years ago (Macworld Expo 2009 was the last trade show Apple participated in).

That suggests that the show is finding its footing without the company whose products gave birth to the trade show in the first place. Throw in how hard CES has worked to attract the companies that have traditionally shown at Macworld, and IDG’s accomplishment becomes is even more impressive.

IDG also published the Macworld | iWorld highlight video below to YouTube:

Macworld | iWorld Highlight Video from IDG

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It was a depressing show. The exhibitors are getting fewer & fewer. Most of the people I saw were end users who were new to Apple products and brought their shiny new iPads to buy stuff for. IDG didn’t tell you they had to go groupon to sell enough passes to say it was a hit. They killed off the free passes to exhibits. If it weren’t for Marketsquare giving away 300, I would have been upset to pay $25 for what is now a glorified swap meet. Dont get me wrong, I liked that there were a lot of new companies trying to sell stuff there, I just miss the old days. IDG has to convince Apple to come back. The rest will follow if they do.

Bryan Chaffin

Hammer, I’d recommend Ted Landau’s column on this subject from today.

This topic is highly subjective, but I think it was a great show and I love the new direction IDG has taken Macworld in. Smaller? Yes. Depressing? Not for me. I haven’t had such a good time since my early days attending the show.

I particularly agree with Ted’s comments about forgetting what Macworld Expo was in its heyday and understanding that moving on in new directions is the only viable way forward for a show such as this.

I’ll emphasize, though, that I understand this is a subjective topic. smile

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