MailTags Gets Snow Leopard Support


Indev Software released a beta update for MailTags 2.3 on Wednesday that adds Mac OS X 10.6 compatibility. MailTags is a Mail plug-in that adds the ability to include additional metadata in email messages and create iCal events and to-dos.

Indev is considering the Snow Leopard compatibility update an interim release so that users can continue to take advantage of MailTags' features while development of MailTags 3 is underway.

The compatibility update doesn't include full Microsoft Exchange support, although it does work with Entourage IMAP accounts. Full Snow Leopard compatibility is planned for the MailTags 3 release, due out at the end of 2009.

Since the update is considered a beta, users should take appropriate precautions, including backing up their data, before installing it.

The MailTags 2.3 Snow Leopard Compatibility release is a free update and is available for download at the Indev Software Web site.