Major Outage Stops Purchases on Apple’s iTunes & App Stores

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A bug in Apple’s App and Media Stores is preventing iOS purchases Sunday night. The issue, revealed by MacRumors, places a user’s acceptance of new App Store Terms & Conditions into an infinite loop, asking a user to accept the terms over and over again without ever completing the purchase.

iTunes Store Outage

The problem is currently affecting all iOS purchases in the App, Music, and iBooks stores. The sequence proceeds as follows:

  1. A user attempts to make a purchase
  2. User is asked to accept the new Terms & Conditions
  3. User accepts the new Terms & Conditions
  4. User is asked to verify their purchase
  5. Process starts over again and user's acceptance of Terms & Conditions is not registered by Apple's store

The issue is also preventing users from updating existing apps, or restoring previously purchased apps, media, or books. The iTunes desktop client is also affected, and users are unable to work around the issue by downloading or updating apps or content via their Mac or PC.

Thus far, there is no known workaround, and Apple has not responded to our inquires on the issue. As this outage is impacting both Apple’s and developer’s pockets, we hope the engineers in Cupertino get it sorted out quickly.

Update [12:46 AM EDT]: Full functionality has been restored to the iOS and iTunes stores. Users will still have to accept the Terms & Conditions one final time, but this time the acceptance is registered and users can begin to purchase, restore, or update their content once agin.

As MacRumors's Jordan Golson described the situation:

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Thanks! Was just updating my 69 apps and fell into the loop trying to solve it for the last 30 minutes.  Thanks for posting Jim


Simple workaround on you Idevice click install or buy put in your apple id pass then close the App Store should download your apps


Maybe we should all holdout accepting the terms till they fix the Maps in iOS 6?

Perry Clease

The new iOS Map is just fine. What needs fixed are pundits


Apple must have an army of lawyers who stay up late nights editing the store terms and conditions. It seems like every second time you log in you have to approve them.

Paul Goodwin

Good. at first I thought it might be another Chinese cyberattack.

And yes, The Maps app works for me, although I’ve only used it once and it mapped my route for me, without errors. It did say that it would take 3 minutes longer than Google’s web-based Maps (17 min instead of 14). But it mapped 3 routes. They all had instructions. I wasn’t driving so I didn’t check that it followed me to the destination.

I don’t understand what all the fuss is.

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