Major Update of Life Browser for iPad/iPhone Launched

It’s About Time Products launched a major upgrade to its Life Web Browser for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch on Friday. Version 1.5 adds a new mechanism for seeing and managing Web pages and a refreshing way to refresh a page.

In its first version, Life Web Browser introduced the ability to swipe through Websites just like swiping through photos — without the need to collapse a site and re-expand another. Version 1.5 adds many user requested features.

Life Browser

“We’ve added a new feature called Open Sites which let’s you view, go to, rearrange, and remove your windows and queued sites. In addition, we’ve added pull to refresh. To refresh a page, simply pull the site down and Life will notify you it’s refreshing,” said Saied Ghaffari, It’s About Time’s CEO. Also, “Tabs on a web browser are meant for a mouse and desktop computer,” Mr. Ghaffari added. “Others have tried to bring a desktop class browser to a touch screen and they just don’t feel or work right. Touch computing is a different animal and requires different gestures.”

Features of Life Web Browser include:

  • Designed for iPad, iPhone 4, and iPod touch 4th gen
  • Swipe through websites like they are photos
  • Queue anything news articles and Google® searches
  • Click the new Open Sites button to view, go to, rearrange, and remove open windows
  • Pull to Refresh - Pull the site down and Life will refresh the page.
  • Adjacent loading to anticipate your next move - Life starts downloading the sites to your left and right so you rarely see a loading screen
  • Automatically remembers your favorite sites
  • 1, 2, and 3 finger gestures - use 1 finger to scroll the site and swipe to your next window, 2 fingers to pinch/zoom, 3 fingers to go back/forward.
  • Visual Bookmarks
  • One address bar for URL and Google® search
  • Google® suggestions built into the address bar
  • One touch email link button that keeps you in the Life Web Browser
  • Full screen web browsing experience. For iPad - additional Sliced view to see if the windows next you are full loaded.
  • Tutorial - An innovative tutorial points to all the features right when you open Life for the first time and of course, there’s a tutorial video that shows Life in action.

Life Web Browser 1.5 is a free upgrade. The Universal version for iPad, iPhone 4 and the new iPod touch is available now in the iTunes App Store, priced at US$2.99. There is also an iPhone 4 and iPod touch (4G) only version priced at US$0.99.

The company has created a video demo of Life Web Browser.