Manufacturers: MacBook Air Could Trump Intel’s Ultrabook

Intel’s new ultrabook specification could help PC makers compete with Apple’s MacBook Air, but it may not be enough. Manufacturers are saying that if Intel can’t help them keep the price point down, Apple’s ultra-light laptop will undercut them, according to DigiTimes.

MacBook AirMacBook Air: Cheaper than a PC?

Concern over competing with Apple on computer prices counts as a red letter day on the irony calendar since PC makers have relentlessly said over the years that Apple’s products are overpriced. In this case, however, they’re worried about matching the US$999 of Apple’s base model MacBook Air

Apple recently updated the MacBook Air line by improving the computer’s processor and graphics chips, and adding a Thunderbolt port. The super-light laptop also relies on solid state storage instead of a hard drive and offers longer battery life compared to traditional laptop computers.

Despite the price concerns, PC makers are hoping they will be able to catch up the the MacBook Air with Intel’s ultrabook specification.