Mariner Software Ships Paperless Receipt/Paperwork Manager

Mariner Paperless shipped on Wednesday, the company's receipt and document management software package for Mac OS X. Mariner Paperless 1.0 is a rebrand of the ReceiptWallet, which was acquired by Mariner earlier this year.

Paperless allows users to scan and import receipts, documents and other paperwork. Paperless' Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology then helps recognize and categorize receipts and documents as PDFs.

The software is designed to help users find receipts and documents with a search functionality, then organize documents into collections or Smart Collections. The utility also tracks expenses for tax purposes and exports the text content of receipts as a .csv for Microsoft Excel® or .qif for Intuit’s Quicken.

The utility reduces the user's need for paper. Mariner Paperless 1.0 is available through the company’s site starting at US$34.95.