Mavericks: Search by Mail Attachment Type

A cool new thing that you can do with Mail under Mavericks is search by attachment type, so if you wanna find all of those PDFs your boss has sent you, you can do so pretty darn quickly. To check it out, open Mail, and then in the search box in the upper-right corner, type in an attachment file format, such as PDF, JPEG, Pages, Word, Numbers, MP3, or whatever. After you do that, you’ve got a few ways to initiate the search. You could pick the file type from under the “Attachments” header that’ll appear in your suggestions:

You could just press Return after typing in your file format and then click on the darker blue “Any” drop-down to switch it to “Attachment type”:

Or, if you wanna be all fancy, you could instead type in “kind:[file format]” with no spaces…

…which’ll automatically do the proper search when you press Return.

(That little trick works in Spotlight, too, if you’re looking for a particular kind of file on your Mac instead of just in Mail.)

Of course, you can still do multiple searches at once, so if you’re looking for PDFs from a particular person, just press Return after your first search and add on your additional parameters.

Hey, look! Now I see every PDF I've sent, all organized together! Wow, that’s…that's…pretty dull, actually. Maybe your PDFs are more exciting than mine.