McAfee Sees 76% Increase in Android Malware

Security threats in the form of malware are on the rise for Google’s Android platform, according to security company McAfee. Android malware jumped up 76 percent during spring, and many of the threats appear as if they are legit apps.

Android malware: What? me worry?Android malware takes a big jump

While 76 percent is a big jump, the total number of Android threats McAfee listed for the spring topped out at 44.

In comparison, McAfee said there still aren’t any malware threats for Apple’s iOS platform, which is the software that drives the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. There are, however, a small handful of malware threats available for jailbroken devices.

Android now tops Symbian and J2ME as the most attacked mobile platform. McAfee didn’t speculate as to why Apple’s iOS is out of the mix, but presumably the App Store screening process has been effective in keeping malware off of the iPhone and iPad.

Apps written for Google’s Android platform aren’t vetted before being released to users. Instead, they undergo review after complaints or other concerns arise.