McGraw Hill CEO: Apple Releasing iPhone OS-Based Tablet Tomorrow

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McGraw Hill Chairman and CEO Terry McGraw told CNBC that Apple would be announcing an iPhone OS-based tablet during Wednesday's media event. He also said his company would have text books on the device, and that McGraw Hill had been working with Apple for some time on the project, though we'll note that there is still plenty of time for his company to be excommunicated from the event for having spilled the beans in about as official a capacity as we've yet seen.

In an interview about Mr. McGraw's company, the CNBC reporter asked him, "Apparently you may get text book on this new tablet that's coming out. [Is that] a done deal?"

In his reply, he confirms the tablet, answering, "Yeah, it's very exciting. They'll make their announcement tomorrow on this one. We have worked with Apple for quite a while. The tablet is going to be based on the iPhone operating system, and so it will be transferable."

He added, "So what you're going to be able to do now...we have a consortium of ebooks, you know, we have 95% of all our materials in ebook format. So now, with the tablet, you're going to be open up the higher education market, the professional market, the tablet is going to be just really terrific."

You can watch the full interview in the video below.

Our mention of being excommunicated from the media event references a time when ATI let loose information about new Power Mac models from Apple in ATI literature the company released ahead of a Steve Jobs keynote where the new Power Macs were announced.

ATI was subsequently pulled from the keynote, allegedly as punishment for having spilled the beans (ATI actually apologized for the transgression). That was then, of course, and it could well be that Mr. McGraw's comments were merely another of Apple's controlled leaks.

CNBC Interview of Terry McGraw, Chairman, President, and CEO of McGraw Hill

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Jesus… is McGraw out of his damn mind? If he’s “been working with Apple for some time”, then I’m sure he’s well aware of the tight lid Apple keeps on product announcements. I can’t imagine what he could possibly gain from spilling the beans… given that he blathered on about its OS details (which had nothing to do with the question), maybe he’s after some notoriety.


Which part of this story is “Rumor” Bryan?  The excommunication bit or the controlled leak bit?

Perhaps xmattingly should have started a rumor at 6 pm about Terry McGraw losing his mind just to give you a “safe” way into the story.

Or have you guys been rumor-mongering for so long that you can no longer tell the difference between fact and fiction?

Bryan Chaffin

LW, what the heck are you talking about?  The story was labeled rumor because it falls into the long chain of stories about Apple’s tablet that have come from places and sources outside of Apple.

It is both logical and appropriate.

From whence comes this axe you work so hard to grind? Surely it must be sharp enough by now to rival even a Ginsu?


Until Apple says it, it’s a rumor


Two points
Immediately before the Apple part he was talking about confidentiality agreements. They were foremost in his mind at that point so I doubt that it was accidental.

At the end the reporter says something about ‘I like to smell my textbooks’,
and that would be this weeks dose of TMI theatre.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

He sounds to me like a guy trying to take more credit than he’s due for his namesake company being an early adopter. One problem that the Kindle DX has recently encountered in higher ed is ADA compliance. It’s beyond braindead that Kindle faced such opposition, and fairly clear that it comes from textbook publishers finding blind people to push the case. Apple will undoubtedly face the same resistance in higher education. At any rate, it just looks like passive aggressive musings from someone who picked up his info at the rumors sites.


OMG, it’s not like he broke some state secret here.
Brilliant he’s not for crossing the Apple Information Line. But who HASN"T been talking about an Apple Tablet this week other than the President and maybe Anderson Cooper???


Brian - Yours was a factual and accurate report of a TV News story. The subject matter of the reported story is of no consequence. The subject matter of your report is “What a CEO said on TV”. Not what he is rumored to have said. Nor whether what he said was truthful and accurate or not. We certainly don’t want to get into that.

On Jan 18 you posted “Apple sends out Invites for January 27 media event”

This was rightly labeled “News” even though the piece included rumor and ended with encouragement to continue speculating. Although this came from Apple there was no mention, by them, of a Tablet. You made that connection, but still called it “News”.
The News was about the event; not the rumored Tablet. Guessing what the event will reveal doesn’t turn a News story into a rumor.
(Best example I can find in the recent past)

Similarly here. The News is about a loose-tongued CEO, poor guy; not Tablet rumors.

So, to my mind, this falls into the -stories about people jumping the gun and spilling the beans- category. It’s a ‘man-bites-dog’ news report.

No axe. (Don’t you mean ‘sharp enough to cut a Gonzo’?)
I’m only saying, IMO, this story was inaccurately labelled. You may take a different view - good for you. From tomorrow the labels change - don’t forget! I guess a job for me in the Editorial Dept. is out of the question.

I’ll check how this story was reported over on Macworld. If they also say it’s a rumor I’ll be back to eat humble pie.


OMG, it?s not like he broke some state secret here.

Of course not. But as it is good practice in business partnerships to respect the other’s agenda, Squawk McGraw made a major faux pas. It has always been Apple’s MO to keep new product releases in mystery right up until someone stands on stage and announces it; I doubt they asked to partner w/ the publisher, and revealed details of an upcoming product just to have him blab to the press about it and ruin the surprise.

this falls into the -stories about people jumping the gun and spilling the beans- category

I don’t believe Mac Observer has a category for that. In any event, it’s much easier to pontificate on the sidelines than it would be as an editor when you have a bug up your butt.


and the “can’t-keep-my-CEO-mouth-shut” award goes to


Guess who got left out? :p

Bryan Chaffin


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