Meet Jeff Gamet at MCE 2012

The Mac Observer's own Jeff Gamet will be hosting a special keynote panel discussion at the 2012 Macintosh Computer Expo on Saturday, October 6. The keynote panel, Women in Tech, will include the powerhouse lineup of Jean MacDonald, Dori Smith, Allison Sheridan, Kerry Rego, Ronnie Roche, Kelly Guimont.

MAc Computer Expo 2012: Meet TMO's Jeff Gamet and other Mac luminariesMac Computer Expo 2012: Meet TMO's Jeff Gamet and other Mac luminaries

Instead of dwelling on unfair stereotypes and oppression, our panel of experts will share their take on technology and discuss the next generation's female innovators and their contributions to the tech world, security, and communication, and talk about what we can do to ensure they have a chance to revolutionize the technology world.

The keynote panel discussion will start at 9AM pacific time on Saturday, October 6 at the Petaluma Community Center in Petaluma, California.

Jeff will also present a session titled iPhotography: Turn Your iPhone into the Ultimate Point-and-Shoot Camera where he'll show you how to ditch your point-and-shoot camera and for your iPhone, how to enhance your photos, and more. Jeff's iPhone photgraphy session starts at 10:30AM pacific time.

Other speakers at the one-day conference include Tom Negrino, Adam Christianson, Brooks Duncan, Susie Ochs, Chris Breen, Bert Monroy, Ronnie Roche, Mark Schlichting, and Derrick Story.

Additional information about the speakers, sessions and exhibitors, along with directions to the event, is available at the Macintosh Computer Expo Web site. Attendance to the all day event is US$10 per person.