Melodyne Editor 1.1 Improves Sound Quality & Performance

Celemony Software announced Monday the release of Melodyne Editor 1.1, a point release that offers improvements in the sound quality of edited tracks, performance of the software, and overall reliability. The software also includes some bug fixes. The company also updated Melodyne Assistant and Melodyne Essentials RTAS to version 1.1.

Melodyne is software used to change and correct the pitch of notes in a track. The three versions replace the former Melodyne plugin, but is still intended to be used in conjunction with recording software like Pro Tools and Apple’s Logic.

The updates are all free to registered users of version 1.x.

Release notes for the changes in 1.1:

  • Sound quality: improvements on monophonic files, such as vocals
    Edited monophonic files now have the same sound quality as the original, unedited file.
  • Sound quality: artifacts when modifying note transitions
    Now the sound stays natural when creating larger pitch jumps from one note to the other while having fast note transitions.
  • Sound quality: clicks shortly after playback start
    Clicks in the audio signal are now avoided when starting the playback at spots close to note transitions.
  • Loading old sessions I
    When opening a session or song, that was done with the old Melodyne plugin, the sound quality is now the same in Melodyne editor as it was with the old plug-in.
  • Loading old sessions II
    A bug was fixed that could lead to a crash when working with certain sessions, that were done with Melodyne plugin and that contained tempo changes.
  • Auto Save in Pro Tools
    Using the Auto Save function in Pro Tools no longer locks the User Interface. In version 1.0 this used to make the whole program feel sluggish while Auto Save operation was taking place.
  • Wrong playback of the original track instead of the Melodyned version
    A bug was fixed that – after certain editing actions – caused Melodyne to play back the original version of your track instead of the edited version.
  • Resolution of Note Separations
    The resolution for separating notes in monophonic files has been increased. This affects both creating new separations and moving existing separations.
  • Autoscroll in Note Assignment mode
    Automatic scrolling now works in Note Assignment mode, too.
  • Scrolling during transfer
    Scrolling now works properly while a transfer is running.
  • Displayed notes in vertical Zoom Slider
    The display of notes in the vertical Zoom Slider now works properly. Therefore double-clicking on this slider gives you the desired result now.
  • Saving to a wrong location
    In certain situations transferred files got written in the private/tmp directory under Mac OS X.
  • Select Scale
    The scale menu is now shown properly after having done a new transfer.
  • Replace Ranges
    Replace Ranges now get updated properly after having learned a new tempo variation.
  • Inspector fields
    Typing in certain values now leads to the expected result (e. g. +129 cents results in 1 semitone plus 29 cents)
  • Undo after having changed the algorithm
    Changes done in the Algorithm menu can now be undone properly.
  • Logic 9.1.1: space bar
    A bug was fixed that could cause a faulty behavior of the space bar in Logic
    9.1.1: When you hit the space bar in order to stop the local playback of
    Melodyne (which you started before by double-clicking in the Melodyne time
    line), Melodyne in some situations didn’t stop. Instead this action started the playback of the whole song. (This problem didn’t exist in Logic 9.0.2. and was introduced with Logic 9.1.)
  • Cubase: jumping in the timeline
    Jumping in the Cubase timeline by clicking on it while playback is running now makes Melodyne editor jump to the desired position as well.
  • Bypass in Cubase
    A bug was fixed that could make Cubase crash when trying to control the transport from within the Melodyne window while the plug-in was bypassed.
  • Saving a Cubase/Nuendo project (Mac G5 only)
    A bug was fixed that would prevent a project from being saved properly on a PPC Mac (G5). Also, undoing after removing Melodyne from the insert now works properly on a G5.
  • Stand-alone version: Save MIDI
    A bug was fixed that could lead to a crash when exporting a MIDI file.
  • Stand-alone version: resetting the volume to ±0 db
    Like in the plug-in version the volume can now be reset in the stand-alone version as well by command-clicking (or control-clicking on PC, respectively) on the volume control.
  • Stand-alone version: double-click to open a MPD file
    Double-clicking on an MPD no longer opens a second, empty window.