Melodyne Editor 2.0 Beefs Up Scale, Tuning, Timing Features

Celemony announced Tuesday that Melodyne Editor 2.0 is shipping and is available now. The new version brings with it significant new features in the areas of tuning, scale manipulation, and timing and quantizing. It also adds support for Rewire.

Melodyne Editor Interface

Melodyne Editor Interface

Melodyne is, in grossly oversimplified terms, a pitch manipulation software solution. It’s what the big boys and girls in the recording world use to turn out of tune recordings into in-tune recordings, and it can also be used to completely change a melody or other recorded line.

Melodyne Editor is Celemony’s version of the software designed to work within digital audio workstations (DAWs) such as Apple’s Logic Pro, Avid’s Pro Tools, Propellerhead’s Record, and others, which puts that professional power into the hands of desktop musicians and producers.

The new version of the software includes a timing tool called “Attack Speed” that allows users to, “edit the transients that are of crucial importance to the sound.” A “Time Handles” tool allows you shape the timing within an individual note and quantize passages.

The most significant new feature is the ability to change the scale used for manipulating notes. This allows you to make quick and wholesale challenges just by changing the scale you’re working with. Those working with music outside of Western scales will find that a wide variety of scales from all manner of cultures are available, and extremely nerdy producers can even make up their own scales.

Lastly, the update adds support for Rewire making it usable with any DAW that supports the technology.

The company has posted three videos showing the changes in Melodyne Editor 2.0, including True Scale and Tuning, Timing Tools, and Improvements in Melodyne editor 2.0, which we’ve embedded below.

Improvements in Melodyne editor 2.0

The full version of the software is priced at US$/€3.99. Updates version version 1.x are $/€99.