Memo Hints at Nov 9 Verizon iPhone Launch

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A new rumor surfaced on Wednesday claiming Apple’s iPhone would finally be available on Verizon’s network starting on November 9. An internal company memo says an “iconic device” will be introduced on the 9th, and the conclusion most people are jumping to is that Verizon is referring to Apple’s iPhone.

Along with referring to an “iconic device,” the memo states that the company expects high demand, according to the screenshot TUAW obtained.

Verizon iPhone next week? Probably not.

Apple’s iPhone has long been rumored to be coming to Verizon’s network, although so far none of those reports have panned out. Since Verizon’s CDMA-based network isn’t compatible with the GSM-based networks used by the iPhone, like AT&T, Apple would have to build a special version of its combination iPod and smartphone before the rumors could come true.

There are plenty of rumors and analyst reports backing up the notion that Apple is building CDMA iPhones for an early 2011 Verizon launch, but so far there isn’t any confirmation coming from Apple.

While the notion that Verizon will begin selling the iPhone on November 9 is enticing for U.S. customers that don’t like the idea of using AT&T’s cell network, it’s likely they’re in for a disappointment. Motorola’s Droid Pro is scheduled to go on sale the same day and has already been called an “iconic device,” too, according to Android Police.

Assuming Apple really is building CDMA-based iPhones, there’s a good chance they’re destined for carriers in China and India where the number of potential customers dwarfs Verizon’s user base.

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I bet all the money in my Pockets that Jeff still thinks a Verizon iPhone is NOT going to be announced on the 9th wink


Why does that iPhone have an Android OS.



It’s the Droid Pro, not an iPhone.

Lee Dronick

I bet all the money in my Pockets that Jeff still thinks a Verizon iPhone is NOT going to be announced on the 9th

I don’t know Jeff thinks about it, but I don’t think that it will be an iPhone. Probably just another ‘Droid fragment device, time will tell.


Most likely a case where “if we call it iconic people might eventually think it is.”

Jeff Gamet

For all you betters out there, my money is on the Droid Pro, not the iPhone coming to Verizon next week. I know, it’s a real shock that I’m not buying into the iPhone-on-Verizon thing.

PoW - Your sharp eye has caught Bryan’s Photoshop handiwork. smile


UK Apple Store’s down - what d’you reckon it’ll be? CDMA iPhone :D


the iconic device will be the droid pro


I would like to think I have been the biggest skeptic of a Verizon iPhone, but I have to admit all the news tidbits the past several months are starting to fit together. Let’s start with enough insider confirmations through reputable names (Fortune, Bloomberg, NYT) have confirmed its coming. The line and sinker for me is all the job postings for Verizon Wireless staffing up third party call centers in a big way to support an upcoming device.

Sorry, but you don’t need to staff up and pay big money for temporary reps at third party call centers for any Droid. Compound this with AT&T’s behavior of pushing too hard with the free upgrades and android devices, it means they lost exclusive rights. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many devices will launch on Verizon during the upcoming holiday season as retailers expect consumers to let go cash they have been saving past several seasons. Kudos for Verizon keeping the Jobs secret, it means more than most people know to Apple.


If it’s the iPhone, that just means more defective products on the market.  It just makes all other devices look better. raspberry


Has someone confused November 9th with April 1st? News must be slow after the election harvest. I’ll start my 2011 New Year’s resolution on 9 November if this squirrelly prediction comes true; “I resolve to be nice to Envyboy”. Guess which side of the rumour my backside is perched.

Steven B.

I’m pretty sure it’s the Droid Pro.


iPhone won’t come to Verizon before 2011. End of story.

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