Memo Hints at Nov 9 Verizon iPhone Launch

A new rumor surfaced on Wednesday claiming Apple’s iPhone would finally be available on Verizon’s network starting on November 9. An internal company memo says an “iconic device” will be introduced on the 9th, and the conclusion most people are jumping to is that Verizon is referring to Apple’s iPhone.

Along with referring to an “iconic device,” the memo states that the company expects high demand, according to the screenshot TUAW obtained.

Verizon iPhone next week? Probably not.

Apple’s iPhone has long been rumored to be coming to Verizon’s network, although so far none of those reports have panned out. Since Verizon’s CDMA-based network isn’t compatible with the GSM-based networks used by the iPhone, like AT&T, Apple would have to build a special version of its combination iPod and smartphone before the rumors could come true.

There are plenty of rumors and analyst reports backing up the notion that Apple is building CDMA iPhones for an early 2011 Verizon launch, but so far there isn’t any confirmation coming from Apple.

While the notion that Verizon will begin selling the iPhone on November 9 is enticing for U.S. customers that don’t like the idea of using AT&T’s cell network, it’s likely they’re in for a disappointment. Motorola’s Droid Pro is scheduled to go on sale the same day and has already been called an “iconic device,” too, according to Android Police.

Assuming Apple really is building CDMA-based iPhones, there’s a good chance they’re destined for carriers in China and India where the number of potential customers dwarfs Verizon’s user base.