metaobjects Releases PDF Compression Tool

metaobject has released a new app for Mac users, PdfCompress 1.0. PdfCompress is a compression tool designed for comressing PDF files even further. The app can compress Quartz PDF files up to a factor of ten. According to metaobjects:

metaobject announces the immediate availability of PdfCompress 1.0, the compression tool for Quartz PDF files.

PdfCompress applies JPEG compression to photographic images contained in PDF files. This dramatically reduces the size of PDF files produced by Mac OS X that contain images by up to a factor of 10 without visibly altering image quality.

PdfCompress can be run from the Finderis Contextual menu or by dragging and dropping items onto the applicationis icon, and features a settable compression strength.

You can find more information about the PdfCompress release at the metaobjects Web site. PdfCompress is available for US$25.00..