metaobjects Turns TextLighting Up To Version 2.0

metaobject has released a new version of TextLighting, bringing it to version 2.0. TextLighting is a PDF to RTF converter designed for document compression. The latest version ships with memory cost reductions and other enhancements. According to metaobjects:

metaobject announces the immediate availability of TextLightning 2.0, the convenient PDF to RTF converter.

PdfCompress extracts rich text information from PDF files, recovering text, formatting and structure as faithfully as possible within the confines of the RTF format.

Version 2.0 of TextLightning dramtically reduces memory consumption and conversion startup times. In addition to automatically extending existing applications such as Appleis TextEdit or DEVON technologiesi DEVON think via the system-wide filter-services mechanism.

Version 2.0 also supports popular legacy applications such as Microsoft Word as well as conversion directly from the Finder.

You can find more information about the TextLighting 2.0 release at the metaobjects Web site. Textlighting 2.0 is available for US$20.00.