metaobjects Updates PostView With Sub-Word Searches

metaobject has released an update for PostView, bringing it to version 1.3. PostView is a utility designed for PDF file viewing. The update adds several enhancements including sub-word searches. According to metaobjects:

metaobject and OCSoftware today released version 1.3 of PostView, the PostView is a fully native Cocoa application that uses the Embeddable Graphic Object System (EGOS) to provide advanced Postscript and PDF services. advanced document and image viewer for Mac OS X.

This new version contains further improvements to the search engine, which now supports sub-word (prefix) searches at the same blazing speed as the full-word search previously supported.

In addition searching in Postscript files has also been improved, particularly in files that used embedded fonts. PostView now also respects the scale setting in the page-layout panel and reliably displays the file-name in the windowis title-bar

You can find more information about the PostView update at the metaobjects Web site. PostView 1.1 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$22.00.