Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet Land Oscar Nominations for ‘Steve Jobs’

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The Oscar nominations are out, and Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet both have nominations for their roles in Aaron Sorkin's "Steve Jobs" film. Mr. Sorkin didn't, however land a nomination for his screenplay.

Steve Jobs movie lands two Oscar nominationsSteve Jobs movie lands two Oscar nominations

Mr. Fassbender was nominated for Best Actor for his role as Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Ms. Winslet was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of Joanna Hoffman.

The movie landed two Golden Globe awards earlier this month, too. Ms. Winslet won an award for best supporting actress, and Mr. Sorkin for his screenplay.

The movie was controversial because many fans and people who knew Mr. Jobs later in his life felt the portrail was inaccurate and failed to capture his caring side. People who knew him during the movie's timeframe, however, felt it was an accurate representation of Mr. Jobs at that point in his life.

Mr. Sorkin's screenplay had his typical rapid fire dialog that was practically a character itself, but many potential viewers stayed away because of their disappointment in how Mr. Jobs was portrayed. In the end, "Steve Jobs" became a polarized love-it-or-hate-it film, and ultimately tanked at the box office.

The Oscar winners will be announced during the 88th annual Academy Awards event scheduled for Sunday, February 28. The ceremony will be aired like on ABC at 7PM eastern time.

You can check out the complete nominee list at the E! Online website.

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It seems the Oscars love Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet, but aren't too fond of Aaron Sorkin right now—at least not as far as his "Steve Jobs" movie goes.

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John Dingler 1

The movie’s gross mischaracterization is more than creative license; It’s likely an element in Sorkin’s psycopathology, a need to lie.

Tim Truby

I’m not sure Jeff quite got what made the movie a disappointment. He’s right that the film sticks closer to how Steve was early in his career: The treatment of his daughter, his inability to tell the difference between leading others and abusiveness. And I have no problem with that.

But notice what Sorkin does for the last 2/3s. He pushes Job’s problem with Lisa into the the latter part of the life. A lie. He does the same thing with the stuff with Steve Wozniak. In fact Woz said that in an interview—that the film has Woz complaining about stuff and attacking Jobs for things that they had dealt with 15 years before. As Woz said, it was all interesting but none of it was real.

Now I don’t mind some plot restructuring in a bio flick. But Sorkin uses all that made up stuff to flesh out his own insights about Jobs. And none of that has any relationship to the real person. Essentially the character that Sorkin wrote, and that Fassbinder played so well, was Sorkin using moments of Job’s early life to create a new character. A person that he called Steve Jobs, a person that Sorkin could manipulate with pure poetic license.

That would have been Ok—except that Sorkin was adamant that this guy was Steve. And it was really no more real than Tarantino’s portrayal of WW2 in Inglorious Basterds. Sorkin took a crap on Steve Job’s personality and acted like it was insight. I find that more than a little sleazy.

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