Microsoft Hikes Price on Office for Mac by 17%

Microsoft has quietly jacked up the price of Office for Mac 2011 by 17 percent for the Home & Student edition and 10 percent for the Home & Business edition. The move brings pricing for the Mac version in sync with the 2013 Windows version of the productivity suite, which udnerwent its own price increase when it was released.

Office for Mac Home & Student is now priced at US$139.99, up 17 percent from $119.99. Office for Mac Home & Business is now $219.99, up from $199.99. As noted above, mulit-Mac licenses are no longer being offered.

For users wanting to have Office on multiple Macs, Office 365 Home Premium is now the only option. That subscription version of Office is $99.99 per year, or $9.99 per month, as shown in the image below from Microsoft's Mactopia site.

Office for Mac 2011 Price Hike

Office for Mac 2011 Pricing

Computerworld noted the price hike, which may have gone into effect as early as February 2nd, 2013. Microsoft did not announce the increase per se, Office for Mac is simply now more expensive.

For those looking for a deal, Amazon is offering the old family pack (up to three Macs) for the Home & Student edition for $109.99 for Prime members. A single license version is $118.95 (no Prime membership required).

Amazon has the Home & Business two Mac version for $229.99 (no Prime membership required). There's a one-Mac version for $194.45 (also with a Prime requirement). Amazon's pricing is constantly in flux, so if you're interested, buy now.