Microsoft Steps Up its Cloud Game with Big OneDrive Storage Increases

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Microsoft ramped up the competition in the online storage market on Monday with big increases to its OneDrive service. Users now get 15GB storage for free, up from 7GB, and paid storage plans saw a nice bump up for less money, too.

Microsoft drops prices, increases storage for OneDriveMicrosoft drops prices, increases storage for OneDrive

100GB of OneDrive storage is now priced at US$1.99 a month, down from $7.49, and 200 GB dropped form $11.49 a month to $3.99.

Office 365 users now get 1TB of online storage as part of their annual subscription, too. Subscriptions start at $6.99 a month.

"All of these updates will take effect in the next month," said OneDrive Group Program Manager Omar Shahine. "For current subscribers, you are all set, you’ll automatically be moved to the lower prices."

Apple announced iCloud Drive storage plans during its Worldwide Developer Conference at the beginning of June with pricing that's far more competitive than it previously had been with 5GB for free. While Microsoft beats Apple at the free price point, the two are charging the same for 200 GB of storage. Apple also offers a 20 GB plan for $0..99 a month.

Microsoft's new OneDrive pricing goes into effect next month.

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It's clear everyone wants to be the gate keeper of our files online, and the competition is heating up. That's good news for consumers because the features we get should continue to improve while prices drop.

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