Microsoft CFO Stepping Down at End of 2009

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Microsoft announced on Wednesday that its current Chief Financial Officer, Chris Liddell, will be leaving the company at the end of 2009. Peter Klein, the company's current Business Division CFO, will be taking over Mr. Liddell's position.

Microsoft didn't offer any details about why Mr. Liddell is leaving other than to say he is "looking at a number of opportunities that will expand his career beyond being a CFO."

Presumably that means there won't be any opportunity at Microsoft for Mr. Liddell to move beyond his current position, so he's now on the hunt for a CEO slot at a different company.

Mr. Liddell started working for Microsoft in May 2005. Prior to that he served as the CFO for International Paper Company, and CEO of Carter Holt Harvey.


strong sell

Translated: Ballmer isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Nevermind that everyone else at MS is better qualified for the job.

I certainly wouldn’t wanna be the CFO stuck with MS’s wreck-in-progress.  Great call by Liddell to get out!

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