Microsoft Intros Bing App for iPad

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Microsoft released an iPad-specific version of its Bing search app for the iPad on Thursday. The app lets users perform Internet searches, just as the iPhone version does, but takes advantage of the screen real estate offered on the iPad.

Bing on the iPadPing for the iPad

Bing for the iPad lets users swipe through search categories, track news, traffic and other information, search for local businesses and other locations, perform searches with voice commands, and more.

Bing for the iPad is free and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.

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That’s kind of like adding a “Toyota Corolla” mode setting to a Ferrari.


A unusually smart and docile move from the 800lb gorilla.  Maybe it came from their Mac Business Unit?

Now if Microsoft releases an iPad version of Office then I’ll really believe that somewhere there knows what they’re doing.


If M$ is able to make up a search engine, it must be easy, so Apple should do their own, just for the iPad, just for fun, just to irk Google and MS, just for a lark just using M$ little trick which just seems so practical.


And it’s only available from the US Store….

Are Americans they only ones desperate enough to use it ?.............


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