Microsoft Kills Off Zune Media Player

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Zune: It's dead, Jim.Microsoft has officially put its iPod competitor Zune media player out to pasture. The company’s Zune Web site makes it clear the Zune is dead and that Microsoft’s new focus is on Windows Phone.

“We recently announced that, going forward, Windows Phone will be the focus of our mobile music and video strategy, and that we will no longer be producing Zune players,” the Zune Web site states.

Microsoft had pinned high hopes on its Zune product line, although it never gained enough traction to take on Apple’s iPod lineup. The Zune HD, targeted as an iPod touch competitor, didn’t make a dent in Apple’s media player sales, either.

Zune owners will still be able to get warranty support, so at least they have that small consolation. When it comes time to replace those aging Zune players, however, they’ll have to look at Windows Phone-based devices — or maybe an iPod.


Jeff Gamet

I’d like to point out that I didn’t make a single “squirt” joke in this article. You’re welcome.


Now’s the time to get them at 90 percent off, right?


Zune.. it rings a bell… was that they sequel to Myst? No that was Riven..

Oh..  ZUNE..  One of my favorite Steve Jobs quotes came from the existence of Zune:

“Was he inebriated?  Do you even know anyone who owns a Zune?”

Lee Dronick

Do you even know anyone who owns a Zune??

Last evening i saw a jogger who had a RIO or something strapped to his arm. It sure wasn’t an iPod or even a Zune, it looked like something from the early days of MP3 players. Back to the Zune, I don’t recall ever seeing one in the wild.


Oh, how crafty Microsoft is! Stealing Apple’s thunder by making this big announcement ON THE SAME DAY!!!

So thanks to Microsoft, no one will be talking about the iPhone 5! I never realized they were so crafty.



While I’m as much of an Apple fanboy as anyone, your comment is just idiotic.  First of all, Microsoft made the announcement yesterday.  Second of all, no one in their right mind would believe that Microsoft was trying to do this to “steal thunder” from Apple.

It’s people like you that give Apple fanboy-ism a bad rap.


It?s people like you that give Apple fanboy-ism a bad rap.

It’s people like you that give irony a bad rap.

(to be clear, I WAS KIDDING!!!)

Bob Forsberg

Who would have believed 15 years ago a product manufactured by Microsoft to compete against an Apple product would fail to get enough traction to even get off the ground?


Uhh.  What does ironing have to do with the Zune?


and it came in brown…


Uhh.  What does ironing have to do with the Zune?

Didn’t the Zune have an ironing app? I heard it worked okay, but it really killed the battery.

Lee Dronick

and it came in brown?

I am not afraid to admit that I liked the brown color. Not completely though, they didn’t do it right. Instead of that horrid movie preview green bezel they should have used brass, bronze or even black. Something that would have given it classy look instead of the look of a slacker skipping class. Seriously, think about it we use brown leather for wallets, iPhone cases, and such, there is more to brown than what flushes down.


Noooo! The end came much too Zune.


iPod Classic has gone too. Apple’s focus in same place as Microsofts’.


iPod Classic has gone too. Apple?s focus in same place as Microsofts?.

Nope! Still kicking!

(insert happy dance here)

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