Microsoft May Take on iPad with its Own Tablet

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Microsoft may be working on its own Windows 8-based tablet in an effort to take on Apple’s popular iPad. Unnamed parts suppliers claim the company hopes to bring its tablet device to market by the end of 2012, according to DigiTimes.

Microsoft tablet. Kind of.Microsoft may take on the iPad with its own tablet

Apparently Microsoft is looking to team up with Texas Instruments and Taiwan-based manufacturers to produce its tablet, and hopes to see success with its offering much in the same way that the Xbox 360 has proven popular.

Outside of the Xbox, Microsoft hasn’t had much luck with its personal electronics efforts — Zune and Kin both being prime examples of the company’s failed efforts. The Zune in the portable media market, and Kin in the smartphone market, both failed to reach the critical mass the company had hoped for.

Should Microsoft move forward with its rumored tablet plans, the company could potentially eat into its partner’s tablet sales instead of chipping away at the iPad’s marketshare.

Microsoft hasn’t commented on the Windows 8 tablet rumor.



End of 2012?  Wow, look out!!  Moving at the speed of Microsoft…


How innovative of them. I can’t wait.



Methinks the end of 2012 will be a bit late to the party. Guess you can’t accuse them of rushing to market!


Interesting that they’re not just promising now and not delivering later as usual. At least not yet, anyway.


MS still lives under the delusion that they can watch to see where the market is going, show up late and take it over just because they are the biggest ape at the party. Because they have the deep pockets to lose money hand over fist until they drive everyone else under. Because customers will come and competitors will run away scared just because they are Microsoft.

Sorry, the rest of us don’t live in 1998 any more.


I don’t think they have any delusions. Their problem is that they just can’t deliver. A fascinating comparison with Apple when you mention “deep pockets”: Microsoft just spent $8.5bn for Skype. The biggest sums that Apple paid for acquisitions were in the low hundred millions for a chip manufacturer, an advertising company, and a music service. All money well spent to get exactly what Apple wants.


It will be called the “TXP 8000” and it will have an amazing graphing calculator app built right in.


2012 is an eternity in the standards of such devices. The question is, will they build what people want in 2012 or will they build what they think people wanted yesterday?


It will be the best darned iPad 2 competitor out there!

Too bad iPad 3 will be out by then…


Don’t forget “Solitaire” and “Minesweeper”.  Two must-have apps!


The article didn’t mention the ability to place calls on the Windows8 tablet - but you have to turn the hand crank on the back to reach the operator first


Reminder to MS, you are a software company, not hardware (of any consequence). How about you collaborate with Apple instead to improve the app experience on the iPad, including your number one product MS Office. I’m sure if you really, REALLY tried, you could make a version that is suitable to the iPad and make a killing on it the way you do Office for Mac.

Dorje Sylas

How about you collaborate with Apple

Uh, hu. Like how MS road Apples coattails into the limelight before trying to cut Apple’s legs out with a competing OS? Funny how your suggesting MS now go full circle and go back to being a software Dev for iOS Apps. Well nothings stopping them from brining MS Office to iPad other then themselves.


This rumor is hardly worth a comment.

1. Microsoft has little track record in hardware. I think they would have a hard time designing a worthwhile tablet. They’d be much better off teaming with an existing design company.
2. If Microsoft were going to do a tablet, I think they would be touting it to plant the seed with long-time customers to prevent them going with Android or iPad.

I wonder if Microsoft expects iPad to have the same scale impact on windows PCs that the iPod did (i.e. None). Now they also have to deal with iCloud “demoting” the PC from the media hub to “just another device”. The PC as we know it may become the “business personal computer” - a niche, albeit large - in a much larger market of truly personal computers.
Plus, Apple has changed the rules of OS (and perhaps all software) pricing with their “buy it once, install (almost) everywhere”. This may match the frequent reality of users copying software, but I expect Microsoft isn’t eager to have their customers ask for similar pricing deals. Apple’s move may decimate Microsoft’s software profits.


Suffice to say: Microsoft will probably be as succesful in taking on the iPad in late 2012 as they were in taking on the iPod in late 2006. *cough*



I realise that I am late to this party, but thanks for the laugh.

I am going to resist adding any further fodder for making fun; however I’m sure however that, somewhere, there lurks a conspiracy theorist getting worked up over his beloved MS tablet coming out in late 2012, just as the world is coming to an end.

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