Microsoft May Take on iPad with its Own Tablet

Microsoft may be working on its own Windows 8-based tablet in an effort to take on Apple’s popular iPad. Unnamed parts suppliers claim the company hopes to bring its tablet device to market by the end of 2012, according to DigiTimes.

Microsoft tablet. Kind of.Microsoft may take on the iPad with its own tablet

Apparently Microsoft is looking to team up with Texas Instruments and Taiwan-based manufacturers to produce its tablet, and hopes to see success with its offering much in the same way that the Xbox 360 has proven popular.

Outside of the Xbox, Microsoft hasn’t had much luck with its personal electronics efforts — Zune and Kin both being prime examples of the company’s failed efforts. The Zune in the portable media market, and Kin in the smartphone market, both failed to reach the critical mass the company had hoped for.

Should Microsoft move forward with its rumored tablet plans, the company could potentially eat into its partner’s tablet sales instead of chipping away at the iPad’s marketshare.

Microsoft hasn’t commented on the Windows 8 tablet rumor.