Microsoft Office for iPad & Android Set for November 10 Launch

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Office for iOS and AndroidImage via The Daily.

Following last week’s rumors that Microsoft Office will be coming to iOS and Android in November, The Daily now reports that the scheduled release date is Saturday, November 10, but references the application as “Office for iPad,” suggesting that it will only be available, at least initially, on the larger iOS and Android devices.

Anticipation for the mobile release of Microsoft’s productivity suite has been building since November 2011, when The Daily reported that the project was underway.

Office for iPad was further leaked in February, when The Daily obtained what it claimed was a working prototype of the software. In response, Microsoft claimed ignorance of the existence of the project, although the company’s denials were met with skepticism.

The Daily now claims that the Office Mobile development team completed its work on the applications in April, with the design team adding the finishing touches this month. The app has now moved to a usability team that will assess the overall interface and experience for “Metro compliance;” Metro representing the name of Microsoft’s new user interface design that began with Windows Phone and is coming to Windows 8.

Once the app has cleared the usability team, it will be submitted to Apple for App Store approval and will launch November 10 on iPad and, presumably, the Android tablet platform.

[via MacRumors]

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This is pretty exciting for a corporate geek like me.  Especially with PowerPoint slides that I can just hook my iPad up to a projector and present.  Most of my Excel data is much too big to work with on the iPad.  But, will be nice for other smaller spreadsheet work.


iPad Office will be interesting IF AND ONLY IF it can deliver 100% compatibility with Windows Office documents.

Even Mac Office has problems with compatibility; I use Boot Camp whenever something needs to be exchanged without problems.

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